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Why Pet Dentals Aren’t About White Teeth and Bad Breath

Why Pet Dentals Aren’t About White Teeth and Bad Breath

What comes to mind for most people when they think about pet dentals? Improving bad breath and sparkling white teeth, right? While these are big benefits of pet dentals there is something more important to think about that affects your pet’s overall health.

Periodontal Disease is the disease of the gums and it can develop in cats and dogs just like in people. Tarter builds up and causes infection and Periodontal Disease. Looks can be deceiving because tarter may look mild but Periodontal Disease is below the gum line and can’t be seen by just looking inside the mouth!

Bad breath can be a symptom of Periodontal Disease but there are things much more serious that are also affected. A painful mouth, loose teeth, and missing teeth are just the beginning. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream and do damage to kidneys, heart muscle, and the liver.

You read that correctly, Periodontal Disease can lead to damage to major organs! So no, pet dentals aren’t just about bad breath and pretty white teeth, it’s important to your pet’s overall health.

Here is the good news, Periodontal Disease can be prevented and dental cleanings are a big step. To celebrate Pet Dental Month, Knox Pet Clinic is offering 15% off dentals in February! Schedule your pet’s dental by calling at 309.343.6156 or visit us online.