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Why Do We Want Your Pet’s Poop?

Why Do We Want Your Pet’s Poop?

Why do we want your pet’s poop?
To check for intestinal parasites ie. roundworms, hookworms, and other nasty unwanted scroungers!

When do we want to see your pet’s poop?
New puppy or kitten at home? Bring us their poop
New pet to the household? Bring us their poop
Cat going outside of the litterbox? Bring us their poop.
Time for annual exam? Bring us their poop.
Pet experiencing diarrhea or other tummy problems? Guess what we want, poop.

How should you bring us your pets poop?
Any way you can get it to us! Plastic sack, zip top bag, plastic butter dish, anything will do and we’ve seen some creative packages!

What exactly do we do with your pets poop?

Step 1) visual examination to observe color, consistency, smell, presence of parasites

Step 2) fecal float to make a microscope slide

poop image


Step 3) read the slide under the microscope

Fecal Under Microscope


“Fun fact” you can get parasites from your pet (Ick).
Intestinal parasite screenings aren’t just for your pet’s health, it’s also for you!

Questions about your pet’s poop or wondering if they are due for an intestinal parasite screening?
Call us at 309-343-6156.