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5 truths about Heartworm disease in Dogs and Cats

5 truths about Heartworm disease in Dogs and Cats

1) Heartworms are spread by mosquitos

A mosquito bites an infected animal and ingests heartworm microfilaria, which is the offspring of an adult heartworm. Over time the heartworm larvae develop. The mosquito bites another animal (like your pet) and spreads the heartworm larvae which become juvenile heartworms.

2) The cost of heartworm treatment is much greater than the cost of prevention.

Year-round prevention not only protects your pet, it’s fiscally wise. Heartworm prevention is approximately $85 per year while heartworm treatment is between $800 to $1200. (These estimates are based on a 40-pound dog)

3) Inside pets need protection too!

Ever have an annoying mosquito get into your house? That’s all it takes, one annoying mosquito and your pet can become infected. Cats and inside dogs still need heartworm prevention.

4) There’s no approved treatment for heartworm for cats!

The unfortunate truth is if your cat gets heartworms, there is nothing that can be done. Year-round prevention is key for cats!

5) Getting your pet started on heartworm prevention is easy.

Heartworm prevention products need prescriptions and require an exam and a blood test. This will ensure there isn’t a current infection of heartworms or any other underlying health issues with your pet. Schedule your pet’s appointment by calling us at 309.343.6156 or book online!