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Ocular Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Siever has a passion for eyes and surgery, so naturally, we provide a range of ocular diagnostic testing, treatments, and surgical procedures. Some of the most common ocular procedures we perform for cats and dogs are:  Diagnostics Tonometry (eye pressure measurement) Schirmer Tear Test (to test dry eye) Fluorescein Stain (to identify injuries) Surgical … Read moreOcular Medicine and Surgery


Sometimes pets have an injury or illness that requires hospitalization. Knox Pet Clinic provides your hospitalized pet: Fluids: delivered intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous Medication: given intravenous, by injection or pilling Oxygen therapy: short or intermediate term Ongoing diagnostics: it may be necessary to run multiple tests on your pet, including blood work in our in-house … Read moreHospitalization

Pet Emergency

Serious health problems, injuries and illness require immediate care. When your pet urgently needs to see a veterinarian, Knox Pet Clinic offers quality emergency care, with veterinarians on call weekdays until 9:00 p.m. If you are experiencing an after-hours emergency, please call 309-342-1759 While we understand you might not be able to call in advance, if … Read morePet Emergency

Laser Therapy

Knox Pet Clinic is proud to offer laser therapy for our patients! Laser therapy can be beneficial for: Pain Management Nerve Regeneration Wound Health Inflammatory Diseases Post Surgical Healing Acute Musculoskeletal Trauma Rehabilitation If you have any questions about laser therapy, please call us at 309-343-6156.



What is acupuncture? Acupuncture usually involves the insertion of thin sterile needles into discrete and specific points on the body to cause a therapeutic effect, but may also include other methods such as electrical stimulation and moxibustion. The point on the body is called “Shu-uxe” or acupuncture point (acupoint). The ancient Chinese discovered 361 acupoints … Read moreAcupuncture